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A True Historical Restoration

Have you ever gone for a Sunday drive and were delighted by homes that had beautiful, elegant architecture and décor? Many of these homes were built in the late 1700’s and mid 1800’s. Unlike many of today’s homes, the homes of yesteryear had character and decorative moldings that were custom milled to separate one home from another. Many times through this era architects and designers alike would add their own flair to designs in an attempt to create something so lovely and pleasing that passer byes would bask in the glory of their creation. These homes also welcomed visitors and admirers with elegance through splashes of color and a perfectly planned color pallet.

When planning your historical restoration project take into account the importance of proper molding emulation and recreation. Many of these older homes have custom decorative moldings that in some cases were hand made through painstaking milling, carving, and shaping. WC Painting uses two of the areas best custom mill shops to assist in the recreation of these beautiful moldings. Our historical restoration customers look to us to provide them with specialists needed to complete their project.

In order to perform a true historical restoration you must first remove any old paint that has lost adhesion or has developed “alligatoring”. Alligatoring is a term used by professional historical restoration companies to describe and identify certain characteristics of the old paint. Paint build up, product incompatibility, and deep layer moisture cracking will make the paint look like an alligator’s skin. This build up of paint needs to be removed before a new product can be applied. In some cases this can encompass the entire structure. Whether it is sporadic or on the entire surface WC Painting Services has the tools and techniques to bring your home back to its original beauty.

In your travels as you drive through some of the older parts of your local towns, one of the things that might catch your eye is the use of colors on the exterior of a home. Some design consultants in this era used as many as 9 colors to help round out their design creation. Over the years WC Painting Services have been involved in historical restorations dating back as far as 1720. We have had the honor and privilege of working with local MA homeowners in an attempt to discover what colors were used back when the home was first built. We use various heating and stripping techniques that allow us to identify all the colors used dating way back centuries ago.

vating structures that the last 200 years have delighted us with. We know historical restorations and enjoy the trip back in time each time we are involved in the re-beautification of one of these oldies but goodies.

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