Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets
Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

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Refinishing Kitchen Cabinet Worcester MA

Painting and refinishing your kitchen cabinets is a good idea to make your home renovation process much quicker and easier. Save your time and money by getting quick Worcester cabinet refinishing and painting services from WC Painting Services. Our 25 years of experience as refinishing kitchen cabinets company enables us to deliver quality services and lets our customers trust us. 

Cabinet Refacing Worcester MA

Are you searching for ways for how to make kitchen cabinets look new again?

Painting your existing cabinets is a great idea to give a fresh look to your kitchen. It is a smart choice as you do not have to demolish and remove the existing units. Some people think a lot before painting their kitchen cabinets because they are afraid of chipping, but we exactly know which paints are good enough because we are in this business for 25 years. We do all the effort so you can enjoy your renew kitchen cabinets for years to come.


When you contact us for kitchen cabinets repainting, our trained workers won’t only come up with brushes to paint but first, prepare the cabinets for painting. Firstly, they clean up all the cabinet doors and drawers and after that do a complete cleaning, stripping, and sanding. When the cleaning is done, they apply primer and a special topcoat that helps the paint to stay longer. 


If you want a change in your kitchen cabinets and of tired of the old look, hire a professional team that can renew your kitchen within a controlled budget and minimum time. You can decide if you want to paint your kitchen cabinets, it will give you more color choices. You can get stained in your kitchen cabinets as well to bring out the grain of the wood.

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Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets Worcester MA


If your existing cabinets have started chipping or the paint coating begins to crack, this is a time to refinish your kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinet refinishing Worcester MA may provide you with a fresh and improved version of the kitchen. Refinishing is a much less expensive way as compared to buying new cabinets for your kitchen.       

When it comes to kitchen cabinet refinishing MA, WC Painting Services standout because people trust us for their refinishing needs of kitchen cabinets in Worcester MA. Our skilled team maintains our commitment to quality and the results are guaranteed to be washable, long-lasting, and durable.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing Worcester MA, usually done at your place without takin-off site the cabinets except when requested or needed during the project. During the whole process, our workers keep in mind to handle your hardware carefully and do not take damage during removing, storing, or reinstalling. Our team has all the dependability and expertise that you are looking for. 

Refinishing Cabinets CostEffective

Refinishing your cabinets in Worcester is it cost-effective to save thousands by hiring WC painting services. remodeling your kitchen installing new cabinets can cost upwards of twenty-five to thirty thousand dollars. reface refinish repaint your existing cabinets by updating new hardware and hinges. Our Finishes are like a factory finish.

We use special order kitchen cabinet paint not available at your local paint store. With over 25 years of experience, we deliver a standard of Excellence saving customers thousands of dollars by refinishing your kitchen cabinets to like new.

Free Color Consultation and Estimates

We can give you a color consultation and a free estimate. We will take time to discuss the process from beginning to end. By filling out the form at the top of the page the owner of the company will contact you personally to set up a time to meet and go over your project; discuss options of renewing your kitchen.

Refinishing is there a labor extensive process it’s important that proper prep work is done before any painting?  We have the latest technologies and equipment. We use HEPA filters to control dust in odors while we are working in your home. Finishers are applied with an HVLP sprayer.

As you can see through our videos and photos, we take extensive measures to cover your granite and your floors and your kitchen countertops before any work is done.  We invite you to look at our Facebook Page and Google reviews.  We can always supply you with reference letter from past customers.

Specialist  vs.  House Painter ?

It’s not wise to hire a house painter to do a Specialty Service like kitchen cabinet refinishing . This is a Specialty Service that we have been offering for over 25 years. We look forward to speaking with you and discussing the possibilities by renewing your kitchen cabinets.

Move your project forward by filling out the form above, it’s the fastest and easiest way to get started.

Benefits of Cabinet Painting & Staining

Refinishing and repainting your kitchen cabinets lets you enjoy the same storage options and layout that already works for you. You do not need to demolish or remove all the hardware and turning your kitchen into a demolition zone. All the cabinets will be in their position which is less time-consuming as compared to new cabinet installation.            

You can choose the color of your choice to match your kitchen and a smooth spray finish or hand-crafted appearance. You can enjoy a whole new look with just painting and refinishing your kitchen cabinets and it is affordable as well as replacing new cabinets. Replacing new kitchen cabinets and then install them can cost you half of the kitchen renovation budget. If you want to renew your kitchen contact us anytime to know the repaint kitchen cabinets cost.

If you have a busy schedule and do not have a lot of time to remove and reinstall new kitchen cabinets then go with the repainting and refinishing idea. There is a huge color paint variety so you can choose according to your kitchen color combination and get your kitchen cabinet refurbished.


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Choose WC Painting Service for Repainting and Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets in Worcester

Are you ready to start your kitchen cabinet refacing MA project today? Let us know your requirements and goals for your kitchen and our professional cabinet painters in Worcester are always ready to discuss and accomplish your kitchen goals. Contact us at 508-657-4104 or e-mail at and get a free estimate.