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 Epoxy coatings on the floor If you want to give the look of an auto showroom to your garage floor, epoxy coating is the best thing you can give to your garage floor. It is a tough, durable and oil resistant floor protection which withstands most of the chemicals which are usually tough on regular paints. This method is extensively used by the auto mechanics and auto dealerships on their floors to keep it clean and long lasting. With the prolonging benefits of applying epoxy coatings on the floor, homeowners use it extensively for their own garage floors and workshops these days. Epoxy coating keep the floor protected over the years. They can also be used as a covering on the basement floor pertaining to its great protection promise and the fact that it gives an overall attractive and clean look to the floor. However, there is quite a lot of maintenance associated with the epoxy coating which one should take care of. Amongst the many benefits of epoxy coating, some of them are: It is a waterproof method thus there is no risk of slipping on the floor. Epoxy paints are available in many colors When it dries up it is rendered non toxic. It is highly resistant to chemicals like salts and acids. It gives a long lasting finish to the floor. It is rustproof. It is also highly resistant to heat One of the major benefits of epoxy coating is that it’s relatively maintenance free. It is a do ­it­ yourself formula wherein anyone can do it himself/herself without the need of any professional help by simply reading the instructions on the container. In case your floor has damp areas then application of any concrete paint should be avoided because it won’t last long because of the constant presence of moisture. Before applying any kind of floor paint, one must watch out for any such problems. Epoxy paints are available in many colors. For a splendid effect, you can also throw blended paint chips right on top of the wet pain over the floor. Before application of the epoxy coating, one must make sure to prepare the surface of the concrete because if the surface is not prepared properly, the coating will not last for long. It is advisable to add a coat of concrete sealer on top to assist in preserving the surface of the floor. interior painting services residential painting services Epoxy coating and interior and exterior painting services are the kind of tasks which most of the people would not want to volunteer for. Exterior painting is almost synonymous to long hours on a ladder under the sun, spreading paint on the sides of your house. Certainly, that’s not how most of us would want to spend our free time. It is advisable to hire a professional contractor for the job of exterior and interior painting as they are the services which can make your house beautiful and worth catching many eyes or can simply ruin you beautiful house. By contracting a professional service, you can be assured of getting a good service for your house.

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