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Exterior Painting, A focus on longevity

If we lived in an area of the world with a perfect climate, with steady temperatures that do not fluctuate, low humidity, and no scorching sun then we would not have to worry about painting the exterior of our homes.

As they say “preparation is 80% of the job”. This is true if you completely disregard New England weather. When you are considering painting the exterior of your home you should first consider a couple of things. First is the current condition of the structure. Is the home peeling currently? Do you have a potential moisture problem within your siding or trim? Although there are several things to consider lets just talk about these two first as they cause the most problems.

Here in New England the constant changes in the weather, the cold temperatures, and the sun beating down on the paint cause the paint to chip, crack, and eventually peel. Another weather characteristic that can adversely affect the longevity of your paint job is humidity. If your home was painted in extreme levels of humidity then your home will be susceptible to peeling in the near future due to moisture that is trapped underneath the paint.

Once the issue or reason for the peeling has been identified then a professional painter can take the necessary steps to remedy the problem. This will assure the longevity of the workmanship he or she is offering to the customer.

Before we can apply a new product we must first identify potential problem areas on the house and take the necessary steps to fix the problems. More often than not when we are called in to restore the exterior of a home it is peeling that has brought our customer to call us. We must first remove ALL of the failing paint in order to apply a new product that will last for years to come.

Progressive Painting Services prides our selves on our ability to prepare a home for paint with a focus on longevity. Over the last two decades Progressive Painting has changed with the industry and we have adapted with technology. This has allowed us to develop a fail-safe system for restoring our customer’s homes. We use a variety of stripping, heating, grinding, shaving, and feather sanding to remove the failing paint. We use a 55 year, 100% silicone caulking for all joints and seams to prevent water intrusion. We only use the industries highest quality primers and paints as we feel very strongly that you get what you pay for when purchasing paint.

Through experience, industry innovation, attention to detail, and an unwavering dedication to providing the highest quality workmanship, Progressive Painting Services offers our customers an unmatched five (5) year quality guarantee on all of our exterior projects. So if longevity is a concern of yours… Call Progressive Painting and allow us to re-beautify your home.

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