Eggshell Paint: Everything You Need to Know about Eggshell Painting or Eggshell Sheen

Written by: Areej Malik

Many people give their more attention to painting color than painting sheen. But what does paint sheen mean? Paint Sheen means how much light is reflected from the paint’s surface. If a painted surface is very smooth and glass-like, its reflection is “shiny” or “glossy.” 

Moreover, low sheen paint’ surface profile gets rough after it dries. As paint colors affect the look and the mood of a room, so too does sheen. Paint sheen and color register are closely related. With 26+ years of experience, WC Painting Services has experts in its team who paint your house with interior and exterior professional painting services. We know everything about paint and its sheen. I have written a detailed article on Eggshell paint so you could know everything about Eggshell Painting or Eggshell Sheen. Continue reading to know about it.

What is Eggshell Paint?

Eggshell is a paint sheen/shine, or gloss that looks flat but slightly glossed. Eggshell paint is between matte and satin paint sheens. Eggshell sheen might be called universal. It reflects more light than matte to produce a low luster. This low luster pulls out more of the paint’s color than a flat sheen.

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Where can I use Eggshell Paint?

Except for the ceiling, you can use eggshell sheen paint for every surface. Don’t use eggshell paint sheen on surfaces that generally should have a flat sheen, like ceiling. If you’d like your ceiling to have reflective qualities, you can use it. It is best for bedrooms, hallways, offices, living rooms, and finished basements. You can also use this paint in medium traffic spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms or children’s rooms, though satin is a more durable choice.

When should I use Eggshell paint?

It gives better results for high-impact surfaces such as door frames and window trim. Use glossier paint such as semi-gloss or even high gloss for these surfaces. Still, if you don’t like the high-gloss look on casing and trim, this paint would be an alternative. You can use this paint:

  1. When you have a low budget as it is not too costly.
  2. Where traffic is medium.
  3. In rooms that won’t be repainted for years.
  4. When you want to paint your house by yourself.
  5. To cover imperfections on surfaces.

When not to use eggshell paint

Eggshell paint may seem to check all the boxes for the perfect paint finish, but it has limitations. You may want to choose a paint finish that’s more fitting for the project if you want to paint any of the following areas.

  1. Exterior surfaces
  2. High-impact areas
  3. Extensive drywall imperfections

Benefits of Using Eggshell Paint

Eggshell paint is used to give your room a soft glow. It is easier to maintain than matte or flat paint because eggshell paint has a slight gloss. Here are some benefits of using Eggshell Paint:

  1. It helps to hide any surface bumps and blemishes. 
  2. This paint is ideal for older properties where walls may have hairline cracks,  little pitting, or an uneven finish.
  3. Eggshell paint isn’t so reflective that it shines a spotlight on surface flaws.
  4. You can paint this without that horrible overlapping effect that you can get with glossier paint.
  5. It is easy to apply and cleans well.
  6. It is Slightly less durable than Satin
  7. Lower Cost Than Satin
  8. Eggshell is just flat enough that lapping is not noticeable.
  9. It conceals Surface Flaws

What is the difference between Eggshell paint, stain, and other finishes?

Eggshell painting floor has less sheen than satin painted flooring but more than matte or flat-finish paints. It is a mid-sheen finish that sits between matte and glossy paint. It is slightly more hardwearing than matte paints. It would be best if you use it for woodwork such as skirting boards, doors, metarials, radiators, and furniture.

The best way to apply Eggshell Paint

Every type of paint has a different way of applying for the best results. Eggshell paint is a silk sheen, durable, washable, water-based, and scuff-resistant paint usually used on interior woodwork. You can apply it with the help of an Eggshell brush, Eggshell roller, or Eggshell spray. 

For best results, you can paint it on untreated, bare wood. Prepare the wood surfaces with primer, such as Multi-Purpose Primer, and lightly sanded primer before application. It would be best to follow this with two full coats of eggshell. Sanding in between dried coats will provide an extra smooth finish.

PS: I would recommend you to hire professional to make it easy for you by saving your time. But is you want to do it by yourself, use a face mask and take care of dry sanding.

Final Thoughts

You can use eggshell paint to paint living spaces, home offices, basements, dining areas, hallways, bedrooms, and busy spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. I recommend you avoid painting ceilings with it, as the ceiling should ideally have a flat rather than a shiny sheen.

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